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 Friday, July 14
Brown says Iverson has to shape up
 Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia 76ers coach Larry Brown made it clear that star guard Allen Iverson must follow team rules.

"I wonder what your relationship would be with any employee you might have if he doesn't choose to come to work on time, doesn't choose to come to work at all, doesn't choose to do the things everybody else in the organization does, and then says he's upset with the way he's being treated," Brown said Thursday.

"If he wants to be on time to practice, and practice on a daily basis, and follow the rules all the other players follow, then he's not going to have a problem with me. But if it continues to be a situation where he's late, doesn't practice, doesn't do the things other players do, then it's going to be a problem."

Brown, back in town for the team's annual pre-summer rookie and veteran's camp beginning Friday at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, said Iverson was not a factor in his decision not to pursue the North Carolina job.

As for Iverson's recent statement that he's finally come to realize he must change, Brown said he remains unconvinced.

"I remember, the end of last season, we talked about things Allen needed to do -- and it didn't change. I had the same conversation after this season. So we'll see," Brown said.

"If he's going to do things right, well, then, he'll be here. If he shows he can, he'll be a big part of this team," he said.

 Larry Brown comments on Allen Iverson's promise to change.
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