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 Thursday, November 11
Shaq, Barkley scuffle, are ejected
Associated Press

  HOUSTON -- Los Angeles center Shaquille O'Neal and Houston forward Charles Barkley were ejected from Wednesday night's game after a heated scuffle under the basket with 9:03 to go in the second quarter.

The Lakers eventually won the game 89-88, handing the Rockets their fifth straight loss to start the season.

Barkley tried to go up for a layup and was blocked under the basket by O'Neal and the ball went out of bounds. Barkley retrieved the ball and got a small shove from O'Neal.

Barkley then threw the ball at O'Neal and the two players went for each other, going to the floor as players and coaches from both teams rushed in to stop it.

It was O'Neal's second ejection in five days. He was tossed Saturday at Portland when he retaliated for what he thought were overly aggressive fouls against him

On Tuesday night, the Dallas Mavericks purposely fouled O'Neal, who made only 3-for-14 from the free throw line.

O'Neal did not shoot a free throw before his ejection Wednesday night and remained 23-for-65 on the season, a 35.4 percentage. O'Neal had seven points and six rebounds when ejected. Barkley had five points and four rebounds

The Lakers led 30-26 when the game was stopped. Glen Rice hit one of the two technical shots following O'Neal's ejection and Thomas Hamilton missed both shots for the Rockets.

Shaq, Barkley ejected but Rockets big losers, dropping to 0-5